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Welcome to Latchkey Pets

Latchkey Pets, located in Kensington, MD, happily provides customers with personalized training and walking services.

We provide:

Reliable daily training combined with walking. Individual training at your home: Puppy Socialization and Manners, General Obedience Training, and Targeted Behavioral Modification for "problem" behaviors, Family Group Training.

I use only modern,humaine methods and conform to LIMA- least invasive,minimally aversive standards.


Consistent Reinforcement of commands and healthy behaviors and social skills.

My methods include use of clickers, use of targeting and gentle shaping to achieve lasting results.!No choke collars, No e-collars, No prong colls and no domiination.!

Consultation on "best practices" for pet ownership.

Stimulation and enrichment that contribute to your pet's quality of life!


I am certified by CCPDT and belong to PPG and APDT.Latchkey Pets currently serves customers in Kensington, MD 20895 and nearby communities. We are delighted to assist clients from farther away with detailed, customized training programs and weekly training sessions. 

Cost? Our fees are very reasonable. Our fees for a training session, including a stimulating walk, are comparable to prices charged for an average dog walk in the area.

Please email me for a free consultation!!mahanpets@hotmail.com